Mystery Man? Ooh, who is this? Nope, not that kind of story. No fifty shades for me. Ok, that’s not final but at least this one has nothing to do with that connotation.

This mystery man refers to a hard nosed detective named Stephen Reece. In fact, this project has often been entitled Detective Reece because that has been the only consistent theme throughout. I have fully developed Reece as a three dimensional character and could place him in just about any situation and be confident at how he would respond. This may sound a bit odd to have a character developed before the story but it does have its roots in sanity.

During another NaNoWriMo competition, I decided that I would focus on a mystery/detective novel as my genre of choice. I couldn’t begin to estimate the number of books I have read in this category. They range from the great adventures of a childhood friend – Sherlock Holmes to some off the shelf drivel churned out by authors only interested in the bottom line. Developing a theme for my writing inspiration, I thought to myself, there are so many times when I wish the narrative would have taken a different turn. There were so many times when the author should have or shouldn’t have killed off a beloved character. this was going to be my time to have the story written exactly the way I wanted.