CWorld One is a science fiction world that initially took place on the post apocalyptic landscape of the research planet Osage. Croatoan picks up a dozen years after all communication is lost with the research planet. People want answers and a team of scientists is sent in to get them. This world began by focusing on Kalo Massey, one of the explorers sent to the planet. Their expedition is met with its own problems and challenges and they eventually uncover the answers they needed but didn’t necessarily want.

The novel Croatoan covers this time period but it is not all that has been written within that world or more appropriately universe since the story arc spans more than one planet. Now that the cataclysmic event on Osage was revealed, I decided I wanted to delve into the lives of people who would have been on the planet prior. As I started writing the characters I got more invested into their lives which obviously causes quite the conundrum. I already know that their society is going to be ripped apart in the near future. I’m the one who caused it. I will be adding the stories of the people pre-incident. I have also started to write the natural follow-up that would be a continuation of Osage. I don’t know yet if this would be sequel territory but it does keep mw involved in the characters I spent so much time developing.

Croatoan was the first book I completed. In part it results from a NaNoWriMo contest one year that my brother and I competed in. In reality it started earlier than that. I don’t know if this holds true for all writers but I remember the birth of Croatoan down to the very location and who was present. While that may sound only specific, it is in fact true. It played out something like this.

My brother, my wife, and I were standing in the grass in the front yard of my grandmother’s house in TN after a family dinner. My brother and I started talking about a recent science fiction book we had both finished.Funny I don;t remember the name of that book. The book had some flaws or at least didn’t end the way either of us would have hoped. We started talking about how we would have done this differently and killed that character and before long… we were brainstorming our own science fiction novels. It wouldn’t be until years later that I would revisit that world to compete in my first NaNoWriMo.

The result of that first NaNoWriMo for me was Croatoan. It is at a medium to longer length science fiction apocalyptic drama that is set in the distant future. When crafting the story I knew from the beginning there were certain elements that I wanted to include. For all I knew at the time, this could be the only book I ever attempt to write. I wanted to show that despite the best efforts and attempts to work together as humans – we will still behave like humans. In a time of enlightenment and peace, can we trust the government and lofty academics more or less?

This is the blurb for Croatoan on It is currently available as a stand alone Kindle novel.  If you want to find out what happens to the characters in the stories to follow. The physical copy of the book through CreateSpace is in the works and will likely be available early next year once some formatting issues have been worked out.

A collaboration of the most brilliant scientific minds from Earth are banded together on the research planet Osage with hopes to bring an end to famine, disease, the energy crisis, and more. When tragedy strikes and a devastating virus sweeps the planet, all communication is lost.

Twelve years later, the world is desperate for answers. Science again turns to the most brilliant minds it can assemble and the Osage Exploratory Compendium is formed. Aboard the Ares Seven, Kalo Massey and other members of the OEC embark on an extended voyage in an attempt to land on Osage. Their mission is to answer questions that have plagued the world regarding the inhabitants of this lost planet.

Like any mystery, answers never come without being accompanied by more questions. Osage is no different and the new questions come with more possibilities and peril than could have been imagined.


Introducing a few characters and stories from before the novel. 

Two of the very first characters I constructed for the world before The Plague were Oxeefar and Eshidu. I asked myself what would life be like for the residents of Osage before the cataclysmic events that were referenced in the novel? I started writing about some of the characters and soon something odd happened. I began to be invested in the lives of these characters. That sounds like a good thing yet I knew what their future held. I knew what that their lives would soon be spiraling out of control even though they didn’t. Here is an excerpt from those two characters. Read their story here: Oxeefar and Eshidu

Working through the same theme of people that would likely be employed within the world of Osage, I developed a few more characters. These guys would be friends and coworkers. This is a small look into their lives as they carene toward the event. Work Day

For the next installment, I wanted to see how the division between some of the scientists and maintenance workers would play out. Despite everyone being on-planet for a particular purpose there are a couple things that tend to happen across all situations. There is always an us vs. them and people always find their way into romance. The story that follows begins to explore those concepts. Read Blind Date

While I’ve had a lot of fun building scenarios for the characters, I ave to move them closer to the events to come. With this story, I have a few of the character learn that something outside of the norm may be happening. This is a continuation of Date Night. Isolation Begins

It’s time to ramp up the danger for some of my characters. Someone had to be outside when the event happened and unfortunately for these two characters it was them. In this short section I am still writing within the timeline of the early days of the incident. Enjoy. Outside the Gate

In constructing the life of characters in a post apocalyptic world, I began to wonder how the virus and tension would manifest in the lives of those people. In this next section I worked with a couple of those characters and increased their tension and paranoia. It was bound to happen and was bound to manifest in the workplace. I wanted to see how this would play out in balance with the everyday life of some of the lab workers. This next section is a result of that increasing strain erupting into violence. In The Lab