At this point there is one fully fleshed out world, one world in progress, and one that is still in the days after the big bang -swirling and waiting to form. I use the term world regardless of the current state of time and being. There is always more coming, new characters being born and dying, new events  both joyous and tragic being added to the timelines and histories. Just like with real life, the worlds of a fiction writer are constantly evolving. When they stop growing they are dead. I have always approached writing in this fashion yet this will be the first time I have taken an organized and intentional approach.

World One is a science fiction based universe, in fairness it spans more than one world. Currently it consists of one finished novel and several short stories that occur prior to the novel.  I will be developing additional stories that occur before and after the time frame of the novel, Croatoan.

World Two is set in a realistic world of crime and mystery. This world is composed of many storylines that all involve around Violent Crimes Detective Stephen Reece. A full length narrative has been written with Reece and his partner pitted against an up and coming crime syndicate in the city of Memphis, TN. There are a few other iterations of this character in which he tracks a serial killer and one in which he even look into questionable supernatural activity.

World Three is the newest world and the reason for starting this experiment blog. For NaNoWriMo 2015 I am going to try something new and construct a fantasy world. While many would thing science fiction and fantasy are essentially the same thing, I would say they are very different. The way I divide the two genres besides spaceships vs. dragons is based on the logic of their respective universes. Most science fiction is at least loosely premised on technology that is in line with our physical laws. Often fantasy bends or breaks the laws of physics in the name of magic. I have always had trouble with simply letting logic fly out of the window to claim a particular sequence of events can be explained by magic. This battle with the genre is one of the most compelling reasons I want to world build in the fantasy realm.