author photo 3I always find it odd when asked to describe myself. It is not often that we have to do it so we usually get up tight and others let us off light. Outside of joining a new work group or applying for a job its generally frowned upon to drone on about our own accomplishments or the quirks in our personality. Think about it, the person that gets paid to listen to such diatribes is called a therapist and they get paid well for that special torture.

While I can be quite creative at times, I generally find it difficult to come up with an accurate assessment or blurb about myself. I would skip it however it may be useful to understand some of my quirkiness in order to makes sense of the jumping around that is likely to occur throughout the life of this site.

I have more hobbies than I will ever be able to perfect. I will not possibly live long enough to travel to all of the places on my list. I love to write, read, draw, hike, climb, swim, learn, play guitar, solve mysteries, run, geocache, be with my family… you are probably starting to get the idea. I love to learn and experience new things. Learning doesn’t necessarily always have to be in a formal setting yet I am going back to grad school this fall. The best label I have found to which I can capitulate is polymath or maybe polyhistor. Living a life constantly seeking is both rewarding and tiring. I would have it no other way.

I can narrow down the optimal frame of mind for my many endeavors however and it’s with this guy sharing the photo with me. Tom is my companion that does;t complain when I get manic and explain my newest idea to him at length. I don’t know what idea we were discussing here but I’m sure it was world altering.

author photo



About this blog…

As does my mind, this blog is likely to wander all over the place but I do have some general idea of how it could be organized. My thoughts are that I will post blogs on the front page as they are published. I will then try to separate out the three main world that I have built.

World One is a science fiction based universe, in fairness it spans more than one world. Currently it consists of one finished novel and several short stories that occur prior to the novel.  I will be developing additional stories that occur before and after the time frame of the novel, Croatoan.


World Two is set in a realistic world of crime and mystery. This world is composed of many storylines that all involve around Violent Crimes Detective Stephen Reece. A full length narrative has been written with Reece and his partner pitted against an up and coming crime syndicate in the city of Memphis, TN. There are a few other iterations of this character in which he tracks a serial killer and one in which he even look into questionable supernatural activity.

World Three is the newest world and the reason for starting this experiment blog. For NaNoWriMo 2015 I am going to try something new and construct a fantasy world. While many would thing science fiction and fantasy are essentially the same thing, I would say they are very different. The way I divide the two genres besides spaceships vs. dragons is based on the logic of their respective universes. Most science fiction is at least loosely premised on technology that is in line with our physical laws. Often fantasy bends or breaks the laws of physics in the name of magic. I have always had trouble with simply letting logic fly out of the window to claim a particular sequence of events can be explained by magic. This battle with the genre is one of the most compelling reasons I want to world build in the fantasy realm.


World Two